What Should I Do?

Now that you have heard this Good News. God wants you to respond to Him. You can talk to Him using words like these:
My life is broken - I recognize it's because of my sin. I need you. I believe Christ came to live, die and was raised from the dead - to rescue me from my sin. Forgive me. I turn from my selfish ways and put my trust in you. I know that Jesus is Lord of all, and I will follow Him.

If you made a decision today, or would like to speak with a pastor more about what it looks like to follow Jesus we want to know. Please let us know by emailing us.

What's Next?

As we begin our new journey, the Bible teaches us how to pursue God. He has a design for healthy relationships. 
Prayer: God wants you to talk to Him about everything that matters to you.
Church: The local church is God's family to help you walk with Him.
Bible: The Bible reveals God's design - showing how to pursue Him.
Share: Now that you have experienced this Good News, tell others.